In 2014 Alicia was just your average mom of 4 kids.  Sports, friends, family, beach, all the normal stuff.  Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  For the next year she battled for her life and won!  She found a new outlook and became focused on getting healthy, eventually finding a passion for helping others as well.  She became a TFW coach and started helping people Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Feel Good.  Then the news...the cancer was back.  Instead of getting down, she got going, put more passion into her coaching, more love into her kids, doing more in a day then most healthy people.  SHE FOUGHT!!  In April, a scan came back that the cancer has spread to her brain, kidneys and liver, and is pretty much terminal.  Even with this news, she still goes to the gym and helps others, coaching, inspiring, caring.  We are rooting for Alicia, but can't imagine whats on her mind, with life and death, her family, her girls, always present.  Thats why TFW has organized..
In July all the TFWs from around the world get together to learn, study, and bond.  Our goal is at this Summit, to tell Alicia that because of all that she has given as a coach and a person, we are going to give something to her....We have paid for college for all of her girls!
Can you imagine the feeling as a mother?  As daily thoughts go through your head of how your family will go on without you?  How will your husband care for four daughters.  The feeling to know that they are taken care of.  That even though Alicia isn't around to work, they will go on BECAUSE of HER!
This June We Need You..Not only to help a Dying Mom...but to help her legacy!
A Little About Coach / Mom Alicia
Alicia is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet.  She walks into a room and it fills with energy...or sparkles as she would say.  She trains with all her heart, she loves with everything she has, and cares more then anyone you will ever know.  Check out some of the pictures and videos below to see what kind of amazing person she is!


We are pulling off this nation wide fundraiser without her seeing anything.  So there can't be any sharing of these videos on FB, it all has to be obscure to


Alicia is an awesome, caring, humble person, who to be honest would be super pissed if she knew we were doing this.  She would say NO, STOP, but thats even more reason why we should.  But also, again, imagine the look on her face when we Surprise her July 17th with 4 Scholar Ships for all her kids.  The amount of emotion that will be in that moment will be all the reward any of us needs for helping with this great cause.

Alicia Videos

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